Websites - The basics

Domain Name (website address)

All website address's have extensions. The most common of these are .com &

To check to see if your chosen web address is available please visit Web Address Check. You may well find that your ideal address is not available but there are other options as a descriptive address can work equally well. An example of this might be for a gym where a web address could be Such an address is easy to remember and clearly describes the nature of your business.

Website Hosting

For a website to be available to view on the world wide web it needs to be held on a computer especially adapted to allow access to internet users. It is important that your website is available for viewing as much as possible (uptime). This is why I host my client's websites through a leading professional host provider.

Search Engine Submission

Your website will receive two types of website visitor. Visitors who visit your site direct using the web address and those visitors who will reach you by entering relevant keywords into a Search Engine, such as Google.

Search engines, such as Google, continuously crawl the net from one site to another in search of new sites to list. The length of time it will take to become listed varies significantly, however there are steps to take which may speed up this process. Such as, submitting the site to Google & setting up links from other websites to your site (both of these services can be offered by CWD at no extra charge).

It is essential that a search engine can identify the nature of your site. This can be done through;

  • Embedded titles, keywords & Meta Tags
  • The use of keywords within the content of the site

The importance of external links

Websites that have links from third party sites are regarded more highly by search engines, such as Google. The more links you are able to obtain from external sites the better your site will be regarded. For more information please do ask.

Browser Testing

It is essential in website development to test the web site in the most popular browsers (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Edge & Internet Explorer). It can be startling the difference between the way in which one browser views a site compared to another. Therefore before publishing a site I will test the web pages in the most common browsers.